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Access to over 60 trillion web pages and 10 million publications.

  Your writing stays private — No other plagiarism checker will see your text.

Ensure your content is original and free of any and all plagiarism, including multiple forms of paraphrasing, image-based text plagiarism, manipulated or hidden characters, and more.

The Copyleaks Plagiarism Checker uses advanced AI to detect plagiarism in over 100 languages, the slightest variations within the text, paraphrasing, and AI-generated content.

Control what data you want to see on your plagiarism scan report. once your report is generated, you can download and share it.

About Ref-n-write Plagiarism and AI content detector:

Ref-n-write is proud to announce the addition of Plagiarism checking and AI content detection features. Ref-n-write Word Plugin checks plagiarism against local documents imported into the software. This enables users to check for similarity against their own documents and as well as against other reference materials while writing. Now with this new feature, users can generate a detailed plagiarism and AI content report before submitting their work. Ref-n-write has collaborated with Copyleaks – a leader in Plagiarism and AI content detection to provide users with high-quality accurate reports with interactive reporting features.

How do plagiarism checkers work?

Plagiarism checkers are software tools designed to help identify similarities between a piece of text and existing content on the internet or in academic databases. They work by comparing the text against a large database of indexed web pages, academic articles, and other sources.

Why should all students use a plagiarism checker before submitting their work?

Many academic institutions and workplaces require students and employees to adhere to strict standards of originality and academic integrity. By running your documents through a plagiarism checker you can ensure that your work is original and free from unintentional or intentional plagiarism. By catching any plagiarism issues early, students can focus on improving and modifying their work proactively.

What is the best plagiarism checker tool for academic use?

Ref-n-write plagiarism checker scans text from all open-access journals and databases that are available online. This includes over 16,000 academic journals as well as publications from Frontiers, Wiley, Elsevier, and thousands more. This is the reason why Ref-n-write plagiarism checker has been voted as the best plagiarism checker for research papers.

Does Ref-n-write plagiarism checker store user data?

We don’t store any of your data on our servers. We delete the files once the plagiarism report is generated. Your writing and plagiarism report stays private. No other plagiarism checker will see your text.

What is a good percent originality for a piece of writing?

Generally, a similarity score of less than 15% is deemed acceptable by most journals and universities. If the plagiarism percentage is greater than 25% then it means that text has significant plagiarism issues and is a cause for concern.

Can Ref-n-write plagiarism checker detect paraphrased content?

Ref-n-write plagiarism checker can detect all forms of plagiarism. This includes multiple forms of paraphrasing, image-based text plagiarism, manipulated or hidden characters, and more. In the plagiarism report you will see results classified under three categories (1) Identical text; (2) Minor changes and (3) Paraphrased.

Can Ref-n-write AI content detector detect ChatGPT?

Yes, AI content produced using AI tools such as ChatGPT and Google Bard/Gemini can be detected using Ref-n-write AI content detector. We use Copyleaks AI content detection API in the backend to generate AI report that tells you exactly which parts of your text were AI-generated and which parts were human written.

How reliable is Ref-n-write AI content detector?

Ref-n-write AI content detector is powered by Copyleaks API and is 99% accurate in detecting ChatGPT content and text generated by other LLMs(Large Language Models). In a recent paper published in arXiv, it was declared that Copyleaks AI Content Detector is the most accurate for detecting AI generated text. You can view the snapshot of the results here.

How does an AI detector work exactly?

AI detectors are given a set of training data that typically includes both human and AI-generated text. AI detectors use advanced machine learning algorithms to analyze and understand hidden patterns in the training text and learn to differentiate them. When a new piece of text is fed into an AI detector, it uses the patterns it learned from the training data previously to classify the current text into either AI or human.

What is the best way to avoid AI content detection?

The best way to avoid AI content detection is not to copy and paste text directly from AI tools like ChatGPT. Instead use ChatGPT like Wikipedia to get answers for questions and consume the information first, and then write them down in your own words. This will help you pass the AI content detection. Copying one or two lines from a passage generated by ChatGPT is fine provided you sufficiently paraphrase them. You can use different paraphrasing techniques to rewrite the text.

Why are some sentences in my article still flagged as plagiarized by the plagiarism checkers, despite citing all those phrases?

This normally happens due to excessive use of quotes in your paper. You should only use the exact text from someone else's work and put them in quotes if you think it is important to be precise. The recommended practice is to understand the work and then write it in your own words. This will reduce the plagiarism percentage.

Do plagiarism checkers steal your work?

It is very important that you use a reputable plagiarism checker such as Ref-n-write that does not store your uploaded documents permanently. Once the plagiarism report is generated, your document is deleted and none of the contents are retained in the system.

Can an AI detector detect contents obtained from chat GPT 3.5 and paraphrased using a paraphrasing tool?

It depends on the nature of the paraphrasing tool. If the paraphrasing tool still uses ChatGPT in the backend, then it will be picked up by AI detectors. If you use Ref-n-write’s academic proofreading and paraphrasing tools that do not use AI generated text, then there is a good chance that it might pass AI detectors. However, it depends on how much of the source text has changed, if you make minimal changes to ChatGPT text, it will still get picked up by AI content detectors.

Plagiarism checker says that I plagiarized on a paragraph but I didn't. What should I do?

If you're confident that you did not plagiarize a paragraph but the plagiarism checker is flagging it, then look at the plagiarism report carefully to study why the plagiarism checker thinks that you have plagiarized. Look that the sources that are mentioned in the report and check if you have unintentionally used similar words or phrases in your text. If that is the case, consider paraphrasing the text and modifying the content. If the problem still persists, it's best to speak with your instructor or professor directly. Explain the situation and provide evidence that you did not intentionally plagiarize. Be prepared to provide a copy of your sources and any notes or drafts you may have to prove the originality of your work.

Does Ref-n-write plagiarism checker detect translation plagiarism?

Yes, Ref-n-Write plagiarism checker can detect translation plagiarism. Ref-n-write plagiarism checker is powered by Copyleaks api which has a powerful cross-language plagiarism detection feature. Plagiarism check is performed on any uploaded document across nearly 30 languages. For example, a document uploaded in English can find potential plagiarism matches in Chinese, Spanish, German, or another language.